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Translated wiki manual


You have translate the main english page of the manual !!! I reverted changes (-> go to Sq:Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual and added a Template bar for your locale. You just need to translate Next-Index-Previous and take care to link to your locale, something like :

  1. paste english code into Sq: blablabla
  2. translate pages
  3. use Template bar as navigation bar


correct translation

Hi, I see you translate the wiki in albanian. Good, however, your naming scheme is wrong.

If you have a page like wiki_page_name You should make pages as wiki_page_name/sq

If you want pages names with albanian text, you should redirect the /sq page to a Sq: page which is completely in albanian, so wiki_page_name/sq redirects to Sq:wiki_page_name_in_albanian.

So, please do the following: use the rename button in the editing to rename your Sq:... pages to albanian pages, and create the /sq pages redirecting to that.

All the above is needed to have the internationalization of the wiki and GRAMPS working correctly (eg, pressing help in GRAMPS can then open the correct albanian wiki manual page). After all, you do this work to help other albanian users. bmcage 07:50, 9 October 2008 (EDT)

Yes, by using rename at the top of pages, xx/sq URLs will still exist (used as reference for gramps program), but users will be redirected to a page named Sq:wiki_page_name_in_albanian. romjerome

3.1 manual

Hi, 3.0 manual has been blocked. All new edits should happen on the 3.1 manual. 3.1 Manual has been created starting from the last version of the 3.0 manual, see User manual