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Transclusion template. Adds the Stub article to Category:Stub.

A stub is a truncated or unusually short thing. Stub notes are normally inserted as placeholders where section content is to be added added. This facilitates naming a Subsection Heading as an anchor point for an Internal Link (subsection scrolled) on other pages.

The orange boxed inset note warns the Users of unfinished outline quality information, elicits new editor help & helps editors to return at a later time to subsections planned for expansion.

Rationale for using the Stub template

Such placeholders are useful while writing a wiki article. They are highly visible reminders of incomplete sections of the tutorial.

But transcluding the Stub template also adds the article to the Stub category. Being in that Category's index makes the draft article easier to find.

Drafts are naturally camouflaged by not yet being linked from public sections of the wiki. Those links usually won't be created until the draft is made public. (But links into the manual are great for a draft article. Each link represents information that doesn't need to be written before removing the Stub.)

Floating disconnected without links from public pages makes the article easy to lose among the more than 15,000 files on this website.

An article ready for the public shouldn't have any Stubs left. A good proofreader is probably the best person to remove the final Stub.


insert the following line on the page:


This template can be invoked with a parameter (two letter country name)


See Gramps:Language policy for more information.

The translated Stub template is strictly the short text user message. Do NOT include a colored box definition or icon. Those items are inherited from the default (English) Stub template.

Please see the French localization as a point of reference. (Although the less verbose style of the English Stub renders a more compact placeholder.)


Based on Template:Stub from Wikipedia.

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