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 Gramps 3.4.8 (The "Forget about your sin, give the audience a grin" bug fix) released.

Gramps team releases version 3.4.8. (Final stable version 3.x.x family of releases before 4.x.x major upgrade.)

  • 6194: [Database] Database corrupted - TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'
  • 7559: [Database] Fix bug in abandon changes and quit
  • 7152: [Command line] Fix error when importing database from the CLI
  • 7620: [Settings] 'Display as' field in Name Editor reverts to Preferences default
  • 7368: [Geography] View does not communicate over proxy server with autorisation
  • 7419: [Search/Filtering] Event gramplet filter does not have field for primary role
  • [Search/Filtering] New HasDayOfWeek filter rule
  • 7429: [GUI - interface] Error when leaving a Gramps type field blank in an editor
  • 5690: [GUI - interface] Fix creation of events with same Gramps-ID
  • 7342 7137: [GUI - interface] Enhancements and consitency on events gramplet, selector and view
  • [GUI - interface] Enhanced Citation Editor
  • 7584: [GUI - interface] Fix update of active object after merge
  • 7510: [Other] Do not drag and drop more than one data into editor tabs
  • 7435: [Other] Media Editor error if Path value was changed to a non existing file
  • 7119: [Other] Register history objects at startup
  • 7477: [Reports] Users should not be allowed to edit and delete 'default' style into Style Editor
  • 7662: [Web Reports] Missing closing bracket in Web_Basic-Spruce.css
  • 7488: [Web Reports] Some temporary files remains in /tmp with NarrativeWeb report
  • 7097: [Spell] Some fixes and enhancements
  • 7598: [Port to Mac] No narrative.css File After Running Narrated Website Report
  • 566: [Localization, Reports] Paper names and Styles values are now translated
  • 7276: [Localization] Translate some punctuation marks
  • 7671: Fix Relationships handler for Portuguese
  • Updated translations: ar, cs, de, es, fr, he, it, ru, sk, sv

See the Changelog.