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 Gramps 3.3.1 ("The Tenth Anniversary Edition") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.3.1 of Gramps! "The Tenth Anniversary Edition", a bug fix release.

  • translation updates: ca, cs, de, fr, hr, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, sk, sl, sv, uk, zh_cn
  • new languages in this release: ja (Japanese), vi (Vietnamese)
  • 36 bugs closed since v3.3.0 [[1]]
  • 79 translation commits since v3.3.0
  • 189 code commits since v3.3.0
  • ten years since v0.1.1 was first released
  • "Thank you!" to Donald Allingham, The Gramps Developers, translators, and our every day users