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 Gramps 2.90.0 released.

The first beta of GRAMPS v3 is available.

This is a BETA, not the final release of 3.0.0!

Speaking of which...the version number is not 3.0.0, but 2.90.0 for technical reasons. This gives us breathing room before we hit "3".

(For those who want to get ultra-technical, I also made a little mistake tonight... The .tar.gz source shows up as version:

  • "2.90.0-beta" ...while it should have been:
  • "2.90.0-0beta"

This little difference became obvious to me only once I started to put together the .deb file. Let me know if I need to create a new svn tag, or if we can live with this inconsistency for the first beta.)

Obviously, tell your aunt Martha to be careful with this release since it is a beta!