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 Gramps 1.1.1 released.

We have just released version 1.1.1 in the GRAMPS unstable series. This release is not intended for mainstream use. It is an early preview release of the forthcoming 1.2 release.

This release supports the new database backend based on the Berkeley DB database. It also supports direct editing of GEDCOM and GRAMPS XML files.

If you have been using an earlier version of 1.1 (such as 1.1.0), you will need to save your data in GRAMPS XML format before upgrading. After upgrading reimport your data. The underlying database format has changed (and may continue to do so until 1.2 is released).

Version 1.1.1 -- the "Rat cake, rat sorbet, rat pudding, or strawberry tart" release

  • GeneWeb Import/Export filters (Martin Hawlisch), GeneWeb mime type.
  • Rework of the Date support. Separate classes for parsing and display, allowing easy localization not limited to English sentences. Utilization of locale info for numerical date parsing and display. New DateEditor dialog for building precise date when parsing fails.
  • Lots of stuff ported over from STABLE, see NEWS in stable version for details.
  • Installation improvements
  • Removal of PIL dependency.
  • Numerous interface improvements.
  • In-memory editing for GRAMPS XML and GEDCOM data.
  • Proper support for same sex relationships.
  • Proper use of GConf: schemas with the description strings, partitioning of the preferences into subdirectories, error checking, change notifications.
  • New "Save as" wizard interface: replaces old Export and Save as options. Note: this is still unfinished at the 1.1.1 release time, please be patient.
  • New Find interface for People View.
  • Switch to internal IDs. These are universally unique and not user-visible. The user-visible GRAMPS IDs are kept and are editable now.
  • Re-design of Open and Import options. Both will take any format now. Open will start a new database with the specified data. Import will incorporate new data into the currently opened database.
  • Mime types and icons for gramps package and GEDCOM files.
  • Pedigree View has person-dependent submenus in the context menu: Spouses, Siblings, Children, and Parents.
  • Command line arguments handling is back on track.
  • Sorting improvements.
  • Huge number of bug fixes.