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 Gramps 0.99 released.


  • Added Norwegian translation (Frode Jemtland).
  • New filter and custom filter rule based on the personal completeness flag.
  • Improved GEDCOM support.
  • Support for EasyTree flavor of GEDCOM.
  • Phone field in Addresses and Places.
  • New "Add from database..." button in gallery tabs.
  • Format of the Notes can be set to Flowed or Preformatted.
  • Reports can be opened with the appropriate application right after they have been generated.
  • Interface improvements.
  • Anchor can be set in Pedigree View -- in that case generations are labeled relative to that anchor.
  • Manual is translated into French (Michel Guitel), German (Sebastian Vöcking), Hungarian (Egyeki Gergely), and Russian (Alex Roitman) languages.
  • Relationship calculators for German (Dr. Martin Senftleben) and Hungarian (Egyeki Gergely) languages.
  • Improved AncestorChart is capable for compressing the output (getting rid of the empty space) and scaling the contents to a single page.
  • Numerous bugfixes.