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Gnome-important.png 特别版本声明: 所有对本页面的编辑需要遵从以下两个不同的许可协议:

These licenses allow the Gramps project to maximally use this wiki manual as free content in future Gramps versions. If you do not agree with this dual license, then do not edit this page. You may only link to other pages within the wiki which fall only under the GFDL license via external links (using the syntax: [http://www.gramps-project.org/...]), not via internal links.
Also, only use the known conventions


This template describes the special copyright provision for material which is part of the Gramps wiki manual pages.

As the manual must in the end be distributed in a GPL released package, all edits must be dual licensed, once for the copyright of the wiki, and once for the copyright of the distributed package.