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Well, it is proving impossible to upload a Tree that is at all compatible with import to Gramps.

The Gramps file compression format is .gzip and .zip compressed files are 'corrupt'.

Media wiki only accepts .zip and .gz formats. But the upload validator does not recognize the .gzip MIME type (which is the identifier Gramps embeds in the file) as being a .gz file. So uploads fail. (2 years ago, it seems to have failed silently.)

File extension ".zip" does not match the detected MIME type of the file (application/gzip).
Source file
Source filename:	
Maximum file size: 100 MB
Permitted file types: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ogg, zip, gz, svg, pdf. 
Send me the file and I'll check it out. In the mean time attach file to a feature request on the bugtracker and link to that. Sam888 (talk) 05:18, 28 September 2022 (UTC) [email protected]

Thanks! created a bug report with the 7zip created .gz file attached. (Tweaked the Researcher XML block with Notepage++ since Researcher & Owner info is such a pain verify inside Gramps.) Thought this might be better than sending it by eMail too.

0012696: MediaWiki does not accept Gramps compressed .gzip MIME type for .gz uploads

Bamaustin (talk)