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This page should improve

Can somebody clean up this text better using open source software? Let us know!

Idea on readability

The alphabet in this text resembles Sutterlin latin: wikipedia Sütterlin entry. A good idea to know if you are right is hence to type the text, and view it with the free sutterlin font. The result in this case:

Sutterlin latin.png

The B is wrong, but much of the other letters correspond.

Also, you may use collatinus or his UNO script for OpenOffice, a latin base under GPL licence.

Other solution

I need help for improving this idea.

  • Decompose picture into 3 layers (Image->Mode->Decompose) or (Filters->Colors->Decompose)
  • Choose LAB, this will simulate a Neutral Density filter. 'L' for Luminance, 'A' for colors between green and red, 'B' for colors between blue and yellow.
  • Go to Dialogs->Layers
  • Put layer L at the top and don't allow writing on it
  • We may work on Layer B, use some filters for improvement (constrast) and maybe play with blur. Also, using Filters->Colors->Invert value before the first step will improve the result on layer B not layer L ...
  • Use Layer->Merge Down or Image->Mode->Compose (LAB)
Jerome, this looks very promising! bmcage 14:08, 25 April 2007 (EDT)

Unclean picture example.gif