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'Translators' on this page became 'Reviewers'. With the adoption of Weblate in June 2021, the newly adopted translation workflows allow a wider group of users to submit 'Translated' strings. But this 'Dedicated Reviewer' workflow requires a higher level of access to Review and Approve submitted translations.

Bamaustin (talk) 18:22, 28 June 2021 (UTC)

Good day,

Tell me please:

1. en_AU English (Australian)

Is this a real language in Gramps?

There are dialects of the same language. In the written language, there are spelling differences. And word choices differ too. So the translation for Australian is going to include a different spellcheck dictionary and report customizations. A few Americanized spellings in the American GUI (color/colour, use of 'z' instead of 's') irritate non-Americans. So those might also be 'corrected.'

I not see it in /po/ dirs.

Can I delete this language from list?

2. I can't run this:

  1. check localisation percentage

for file in *.po; do echo -n "${file} "; ./check_po -s ${file} | grep "Localized at"; done

But this works nicely:

  1. check localisation percentage

for file in *.po; do echo -n "${file} "; python3 ./check_po -s ${file} | grep "Localized at"; done

or change "python" to "python3" in first row of check_po.

What must be?

And file 'check_po' must be have name 'check_po' or 'check_po.py'?

Sten (talk) July 2020

There seem to be a lot of Translation tools available for MediaWiki that might make translation easier. I belatedly discovered that there was a MediadWiki template to insert the native language name of a language by referencing the Language Code. It doesn't seem to work for the variant codes (like en_US) but that might be a tweak.

The CLDR extension contains local language names for different languages, countries, currencies, and time units extracted from CLDR data. See translatewiki:CLDR for information. (Part of the MediaWiki Language Extension Bundle.) Can be used in conjunction with the LANGUAGE template.

Source: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Magic_words#Miscellaneous

Bamaustin (talk) 23:50, 25 March 2021 (UTC)