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  • ~*~Please use this space to discuss, but I'd appreciate if you thought about how your language may affect others before you post, this stuff is sticky and so personal~*~*
  • Looks great! Feel free to put a patch on the Bugtrack ticket. (Easiest way to make a patch: "cd gramps/trunk; svn diff > my-name.patch" and then upload. --Dsblank 15:25, 17 May 2012 (MDT)
  • My concern here is that this idea conflates two separate pieces of information: Sex (biological context: XX or XY), and sexual identity (social context: how they view themselves sexually). I have no objection to adding a field for sexual identity (or orientation), which would necessarily be an entry field, but do not agree with having it replace the existing field for biological sex. To do so would leave it impossible to capture both the biological and social aspects of a person, just as it is currently. In short, it would be just as wrong, but in the other direction.  :) User:Diggernet 2012-08-22T07:12:14
  • +1 Conflation of this field will make future DNA tracking difficult or impossible. User:Sturdy2 2015-12-31T03:54:24