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399 bytes removed, 10:21, 10 October 2008
Translated wiki manual
You have translate the main english page of the manual !!!
I reverted changes (-> go to [[SKSq:Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual]] and added a [[Template:Man_index/sksq|Template bar]] for your locale. You just need to translate '''Next-Index-Previous''' and take care to link to your locale, something like :#paste english code into SKSq: blablabla
#translate pages
#use [[Template:Man_index/sksq|Template bar]] as navigation bar
=== Czech or Slovak ??? ===
Looking at language prefix, I do not know what is your lang : Czech or Slovak ? cs or sk ?
Please, could you look at [[ meta code]] and to set the prefix ?
Need to change /sk or SK on :
*[ pages]
*[[Template:Man_index/sk|Template bar]]
thanks !

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