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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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* '''GRAMPSHOME''' - if set, [[Gramps_and_Windows#Setting_the_configuration_path|override default path]] to profile allowing user to use an external network drive to store data and all settings. For technically advanced users who run multiple versions of Gramps, setting a different $GRAMPSHOME is a way to avoid interference between the different versions in the Gramps user directory[[Gramps_Glossary#user_directory|User Directory]]. It can also be used to configure Gramps to [[Run_Gramps_from_a_portable_drive|run from a portable drive]] or to prepare for a [[Installation|manual installation]]. The path can also be used to configure the path to a [[Gramps_for_Windows_with_MSYS2#Keep_your_GRAMPSHOME_separate|separate test Tree]] or [[Getting_started_with_Gramps_development|development Tree]].
For example <pre>GRAMPSHOME=$HOME/familytrees/paternal</pre>

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