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Translating Gramps using Weblate

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Offline translation
* Use [ GTtranslator] (GNOME, windows), [ KBabel] (KDE), [ Lokalize] (KDE, windows), Emacs po-mode, [ Virtaal] (GNU/Linux, Mac, windows), [ poedit] (GNU/Linux, OSX, windows), or any similar tool designed for translating <code>.po</code> files. If you do not like any of these tools, you can use any text editor to translate messages. If using vim, properly setting the "langmap" option will significantly speed up your work.
* If possible, when you are finished translating, go to '''File -> Save as...''' to generate a <code>.mo</code> file to syntax check your work. Under poedit, there is an option to always compile a <code>.mo</code> file when saving changes by clicking '''File -> Preferences''' and on the '''Editor tab''' check the '''Automatically compile ''.mo'' file on save box'''. A dialog will warn you if there is a syntax error in your <code>.po</code> file. Lokalize and GTranslator also provide a syntax check when saving. Please enable this feature to avoid errors in the compilation process.
* Upload the <code>.po</code> file using the '''Files -> Upload translation''' menu option.

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