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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Preface

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Typographical conventions in the Gramps Wiki Manual: {{man button|∨}} (''Down Arrowhead'' button)
*{{man tooltip|Hint text}} for hover or roll-over hints (aka Tooltips) that identify elements of the graphical interface
*Menu selections look like this: {{Man menu|Menu -> Submenu -> Menu Item}} (Spaces should enclose the <code>-></code> to make webpage auto-translation recognize menu words.)Gramplet pop-up menus are marked with a {{man button|&or;}} (''Down Arrowhead'' button).
*{{man button|Buttons}} you can click
*[[File:RadioButton_Deselected.png|21px]] - Radio button that is &#128280; deselected
* Abbreviated Latin notations: <abbr title="exempli gratia - Latin phrase meaning 'for example'">e.g.</abbr>, <abbr title="et cetera - Latin phrase meaning 'and so on'">etc.</abbr>, <abbr title="id est - Latin phrase meaning 'that is'">i.e.</abbr>, <abbr title="nota bene (singular), notate bene (plural) - Latin phrase meaning 'note well'">etc.</abbr>, <abbr title="et cetera - Latin phrase meaning 'and so on'">N.B.</abbr>, <abbr title="post scriptum - Latin phrase meaning 'postscript - after what has been written'">P.S.</abbr>, <abbr title="videlicet - Latin phrase meaning 'namely'; 'to wit'; 'precisely'; 'that is to say'">viz.</abbr>, <abbr title="versus - Latin phrase meaning 'against'">vs,</abbr>
The manual also provides assorted bits of additional information in tips and notes as follows:

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