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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Preface

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Gramps is an Open Source software package, which means you are free to make copies and distribute it to anyone you like. It's developed and maintained by a worldwide team of volunteers whose goal is to make Gramps powerful, yet easy to use.
== Why use Grampsלמה גרמפס? ==
Most genealogy programs allow you to enter information about your ancestors and descendants. Typically, they can display family relationships through charts, graphs, or reports. Some allow you to include pictures or other media. Most let you include information about people even if those people are not related to the primary family you happen to be researching. And they may include features that let you exchange data with other programs and print different types of reports.
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*<tt>Anything you type inכל דבר שתקלידו</tt>
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