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What to do for a release

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===Agree a release timetable===
Co-ordinate with the [[Team#Package_Maintainers|package maintainers ]] to agree a release timetable.
For a major release there may be a schedule on the [[5.2_Roadmap|Roadmap]]
===Announce a string freeze===
Announce For a major release, announce a string freeze on the ''gramps-devel'' mailing list and on Weblate.
This will usually be about 2 weeks before the release date.
''© 2007-2018 2020 The Gramps Developers''
''© 2007-'''20192021''' The Gramps Developers''.
Found in <code>gramps/gen/</code>
* update mantisdb(Bug/issue database) and enable the new version via Admin:Projects item for reporting issues. (You will need a high-enough status on the bug tracker in order to do this, so you can ask an appropriate person if you aren't.)
* announce on [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] (You will need to be a member of all three lists first, to send to them.)
* announce on the Discourse forum in the "[ Announcements]" category.
* announce on Gramps [ blog] (File under: [ Gramps Releases] and [ News]) (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* update [[News]] section on this wiki (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* update the list of [[Previous releases of Gramps|previous releases]]
* update reference to the new version on the [[Template:Version|wiki template]] (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* Verify other [[:Category:Versions|"version" Wiki templates]] values: Last version, Stable version, etc.
* update [[HeadlineNews]] (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* update release date on the [[Download]] page (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* have the IRC channel admin ([[Template:Reviews/ReviewList#General|tosky]]) change the topic on the Matrix room title and IRC channel #gramps title (not needed for an alpha or beta release) <code> /TOPIC #gramps Welcome to Gramps! The latest version is {{version}} ||</code>* update the version number at [http Gramps_(software) Wikipedia] (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* [[:Category:AppData]] - Screenshots used by Appdata - Debian
* [[.dtd and .rng]]
* [[Rollover_for_the_manual|Rollover for the Wiki]] - for major and minor releases. No rollover for maintenance releases.
* [[Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:Bug|List of pages linked to Bug Report template]] - verify the reported issues still apply to the new release. Leave links in place for any issue fixed in maintenance releases. Simply add notations for the version where the fix was applied. Remove links for fixed issues in Rollovers.
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