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MAJ version Ubuntu et Mageia
|[[Image:Ubuntu_32x32.png]]''' Ubuntu '''
| Ubuntu Software Centre|Precise Xenial (12.04 LTS): Gramps 3.3.1<br>Trusty (1416.04 LTS): Gramps: 4.02.32<br>Trusty Backports Bionic (1418.04 LTS): Gramps: 4.02.48<br>Vivid Focal (1520.04LTS): Gramps: 45.1.1<br>Wily (15.10): Gramps: 4.2.0<br>Xenial Hirsute (1621.04 LTS): Gramps: 45.2.2<br>Yakkety (16.10): Gramps: 4.21.3<br>Zesty (Development: 17.04): Gramps: 4.2.5
|[http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gramps&searchon=names versions disponibles]
|'''[https://www.mageia.org/en/ Mageia]'''
|[https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Installing_and_removing_software drakrpm (or rpmdrake)]
|Mageia Caulron: Gramps 4.2.5<br>Mageia 5.0: Gramps 4.1.3<br>Mageia 8.0: Gramps 5.1.3
|[http://mageia.madb.org/package/show/name/gramps Mageia App Db - gramps]

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