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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Command Line

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Centralize installation folder information in All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows > Installation folder section instead adding details here.
=== MS Windows ===
{{stub}}{{man warnMS Windows is a [[Download|Outdated community supported]] platform. If you install the [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows|Windows AIO bundle]], then this will place an icon on the desktop as well as a menu item in the 'Start' menu. However, the Gramps installation directory is not added to the system path and to run gramps via CLI, we need to add info for new know the path to that directory. To find the installation folder, refer to [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows#Installation_folder|AIO installer CLI usage|See example usage https://githubbundle's installation folder section]].com/gramps-project/addons-source/pull/121}}
MS Windows is To find the path using a [[Download|community supported]] platform. If you install shortcut icon instead,* Right-click on the [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows|Windows AIO]] GrampsAIO32 or <code>GrampsAIO64 executable&nbsp;{{template:Version windows AIO64}}-console</code> application, then this will place an icon on or the corresponding item in the desktop as well as a Start menu iten in .* Note down the 'file location (its "Startin' menudirectory).* Select the full path and copy ({{man key press|Ctrl|c}}) it.
What is the best way of knowing what command to type? Starting To run Gramps from the command line (cmd.exe) depends on where , you have chosen 'll need to install Gramps.* Right click on the ??terminal Gramps application, or the corresponding item in the Start menu.* Note down the starting directory.* Select the whole of the command and copy (ctrl-C) it.start a console window:
* From the Start menu, start cmd.exe.
* Change directory to the starting installation directory you noted downlocated.* Right click and select PasteType in or paste the path, surrounding it in quotes if there are spaces.
* Press {{man key press|Enter}}.
For example, this might be:
cd "C:\Program &nbsp;Files\GrampsAIO64GrampsAOI64-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}"
When You may use any of the instructions below tell you command-line options along with this. For example, to type something after get a detailed listing of all of the start commandFamily Tree databases in your default Family Tree folder, you just type this after the last line, for example:would append <code>-L</code> cd "C:\Program &nbsp;Files\GrampsAIO64GrampsAOI64-{{template:Version windows AIO64}}"
gramps -L
There are other ways to install Gramps for MS Windows, but these are much more complicated and are not covered hereSee example usage
=== MacOS ===
gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -e output.gramps -f gramps-xml
10. To generate a web site into an other locale (in germanGerman):
LANGUAGE=de_DE; LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -a report -p name=navwebpage,target=/../de
* '''csv''' - Comma Separated Value: This format is available for import and export. Be careful however, import must be as values created by the export function. Only a part of your data is contained in the output.
* '''vcf''' - VCard format: import and export
* '''vcs''' - VCalandar VCalendar format: export
* '''def''' - old Pro-Gen format: import
* '''wft''' - Web Family Tree: This format is available for export only. When not specified, it can be guessed if the filename ends with .wft
You can open a family tree, or you can ''open'' a file by importing it in an empty family tree.
To let Gramps handle this automatically, just supply the familytree family tree or filename you want to open:
python 'My Fam Tree'
ancestor_chart - Ancestor Tree
ancestor_report - Ahnentafel Report
AncestorFill - AncestorFill
birthday_report - Birthday and Anniversary Report
calendar - Calendar
d3-ancestralcollapsibletree - Ancestral Collapsible Tree
d3-ancestralfanchart - Ancestral Fan Chart
d3-descendantindentedtree - Descendant Indented Tree
database-differences-report - Database Differences Report
denominoviso - DenominoViso
descend_chart - Descendant Tree
descend_report - Descendant Report
DescendantBook - Descendant Book
Descendants Lines - Descendants Lines
det_ancestor_report - Detailed Ancestral Report
det_descendant_report - Detailed Descendant Report
DetailedDescendantBook - Detailed Descendant Book
double_cousins - Double Cousins
DynamicWeb - Dynamic Web Report
endofline_report - End of Line Report
family_descend_chart - Family Descendant Tree
family_group - Family Group Report
familylines_graph - Family Lines Graph
FamilySheet - Family Sheet
FamilyTree - Family Tree
fan_chart - Fan Chart
gt_ancestor - Ancestor Tree
gt_descendant - Descendant Tree
gt_grandparent - Grandparent Tree
gt_sandclock - Sandclock Tree
gt_sandclock_family - Sandclock Tree for a Family
Heatmap - Heatmap
hourglass_graph - Hourglass Graph
indiv_complete - Complete Individual Report
kinship_report - Kinship Report
LastChangeReport - Last Change Report
LinesOfDescendency - Lines of Descendency Report
ListeEclair - Tiny Tafel
MediaReport - Media Report
navwebpage - Narrated Web Site
networkchart - Network Chart
notelinkreport - Note Link Report
number_of_ancestors - Number of Ancestors Report
PedigreeChart - Pedigree Chart
PersonEverythingReport - PersonEverything Report
place_report - Place Report
records - Records Report
rel_graph - Relationship Graph
Repositories Report - Repositories Report
SourcesCitationsReport - Sources and Citations Report
statistics_chart - Statistics Charts
summary - Database Summary Report
tag_report - Tag Report
timeline - Timeline Chart
TimePedigreeHTML - Timeline Pedigree Report
TodoReport - Todo Report
WebCal - Web Calendar
:<code>gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -e output.gramps -f gramps-xml</code>
* To generate a web site into an other locale (in germanGerman):
:<code>LANGUAGE=de_DE; LANG=de_DE.UTF-8 gramps -O 'Family Tree 1' -a report -p name=navwebpage,target=/../de </code>
* '''GRAMPSHOME''' - if set, [[Gramps_and_Windows#Setting_the_configuration_path|override default path]] to profile allowing user to use an external network drive to store data and all settings. For technically advanced users who run multiple versions of Gramps, setting a different $GRAMPSHOME is a way to avoid interference between the different versions in the Gramps user directory[[Gramps_Glossary#user_directory|User Directory]]. It can also be used to configure Gramps to [[Run_Gramps_from_a_portable_drive|run from a portable drive]] or to prepare for a [[Installation|manual installation]]. The path can also be used to configure the path to a [[Gramps_for_Windows_with_MSYS2#Keep_your_GRAMPSHOME_separate|separate test Tree]] or [[Getting_started_with_Gramps_development|development Tree]].
For example <pre>GRAMPSHOME=$HOME/familytrees/paternal</pre>
* The environment variable GRAMPS_RESOURCES is the path to Gramps builtin built-in resources files. You should only change this if you are using Gramps from source code or a custom environment. An indicator that you need to set this variable is if you receive one of the following errors:
** ''Encoding error while parsing resource path''
** ''Failed to open resource file''

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