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Possible Automated generation of report/addons etc
If you found an option to collapse the column like you can hide table rows, that '''''might''''' be a viable option. However, Sam has replied that information hiding wasn't acceptable in other places as it created a conflict for the printable page feature. (I had suggested collapsing the Download section for each OS. My thinking was that the instructions not related to the user's OS were distracting... well, to be brutally blunt, the Linux section was been horrifyingly convoluted to the typical Win/MacOS user downloading a simple GUI-based installer. It does not make a good first impression.)
=Possible Automated generation of report/addons etc=
Could possibly be revived , looks like it was abandoned 5 years ago, but something like this could cover all builtin reports/tool/plugins etc.. and third party addons?
* GRAMPS reports examples: This page provides examples for most of the GRAMPS reports, for each GRAMPS version.: These reports are generated automatically.
* Code:
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What do you think?
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