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For the addon to work you will need to install both the {{man label|[[#Requests|Request]]}} and {{man label|[[#lxml|lxml]]}} Python modules. ==Requests==Install the python module [ {{man label|RequestRequests}}] otherwise you will get the following error:
<code>2020-12-06 10:29:40.191: WARNING: line 308: Plugin error (from 'GeneanetForGramps'): No module named 'requests' </code>
Install the python module [ {{man label|lxml}}] otherwise you will get the following error:
<code>2020-12-07 00:22:41.100: WARNING: line 308: Plugin error (from 'GeneanetForGramps'): No module named 'lxml' </code>
==SQLite only supported==Also note that you need to use a SQlite SQLite DB (based on API-DB) and NOT a BSDDB for the plugin to work.
When using a BSDDB base you'll get the following error:
=See also=
* [ GitHub - bcornec/GeneanetForGramps] - Gramplet/Script to import into Gramps persons from Geneanet
** [ GitHub - romjerome/GeneanetForGramps] (''fork and some modifications'')
<!-- comments
minor updates since Geneanet's changes on server side: '201 return' creates a new "empty/fake" responses with Requests.
#alternate ways and additional features like tag support and debug statements
#MacOS and WindowsOS may also be supported with minor changes on code, see comments and the try/except section.
#Geneanet wants user to log in, so to get more than few pages back will generate an import without data on persons, only relations!
* [ Geneanet] uses GeneWeb engine : [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees|Manage Family Trees]] -> [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#Exporting_data|Export]] -> [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees#GeneWeb_export|GeneWeb (.gw)]]
* [[Addon:Web_Connect_Pack|Web Connect Packs]] - adds a Geneanet option Web Connection pop-up menu search in People View ''(requires an account)''
* [ Gramps on Geneanet dot org] - a French genealogy site with over 4 million members
[ Discourse discussion forum] threads
* [ Export to Geneanet]
Gramps-User [[Contact#Mailing_lists|maillist]] threads
* 2016-01-11 [ Gramps importing woes] - Geneanet GEDCOM to Gramps 4.2.1
* 2012-07-18 [ Geneanet location problème] - GEDCOM export missing some place enclosures
Gramps-Devel [[Contact#Mailing_lists|maillist]] threads
* 2020-12-06 [ Announce of the GeneanetForGramps plugin] - an import tool for data provided by Geneanet

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