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Media Management in Gramps

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See also
* [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Gallery|Gallery tab]] and [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#Gallery|Gallery Gramplet]]
* [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_3#Merge_Media_Objects|Merge Media Objects]]
* [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings#General_Gramps_settings|{{man label|Base path for relative media paths:}}]] where you can fill in a base path for the media objects. Selecting the {{man button|Directory}} button gives you a {{man label|Select media directory}} editor where you can fill in the required path.

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