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*Parent relationship. This checks all families to ensure that father and mother are not mixed up. The check is also made that parents have different gender. If they have common gender then their relationship is renamed to "Partners".
=== Обнови упатувања на мапи Rebuild Reference Maps ===
=== Обнови секундарни индекси Rebuild Secondary Indices ===
=== Отстрани неупотребени објекти Remove Unused Objects... ===
This Tool will search your database for pieces of information which are not connected to anything else, and then remove them.
== Дебагирање Debug ==
=== Python прозорец за проценка Python Evaluation window... ===
=== Превчитај додатоци Reload Plugins ===
As the name suggests this unloads and reloads all the plugins. In the GRAMPS system all the Reports and Tools are plugins, so this can help flush unwanted settings and load new plugins which you've added to the system since GRAMPS started.
=== Покажи несоберени објекти Show uncollected Objects ===
== Услуги Utilities ==
This section contains tools allowing you to perform a simple operation on a portion of data. The results can be saved in your database, but they will not modify your existing data. The following utilities are currently available in GRAMPS:
=== Создади SoundEx кодови Generate SoundEx codes ===
==== SoundeEx what is this? ====
A {{man button|Help}} button is available which brings you to this page. With the {{man button|Close}} button (or hitting <alt+c>) you close this generator window.
=== Управувач на медиуми Media Manager... ===
[[Image:mediamanagerfinal.png|right|thumb|250px|Fig. z.z Final confirmation window]]
This tool allows batch operations on media objects stored in GRAMPS. An important distinction must be made between a GRAMPS media object and its file.
* Convert paths from absolute to relative
=== Пресметувач на врски Relationship calculator ===
This utility calculates and displays the relationship of any person to the Active Person.
=== Завери податоци Verify the Data... ===
[[Image:verifydata.png|right|thumb|250px|Fig. z.z Verify the Data...]]
This utility allows you to verify the database based on the set of criteria specified by you.
For example, you may want to make sure that nobody in your database had children at the age of 98. Based on common sense, such a record would indicate an error. However, it is not a consistency error in the database. Besides, someone might have a child at the age of 98 (although this rarely happens). The Verify tool will display everything that violates your criteria so that you can check whether the record is erroneous or not. The ultimate decision is yours.
===Уредувач на сопствен филтер Custom Filter Editor===
[[Image:cfe-df.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig.3.x Define filter]]
The Custom Filter Editor builds custom filters that can be used to select people included in reports, exports, and other tools and utilities. This is in fact a very powerful tool in genealogical analysis.

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