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* Create an Association for one person (Person A) with another Person (Person B) of the type DNA.
* Create a Note in the Association or attached to a Citation in the Association with the shared DNA segment data.
** The format of the Note is a comma separated list or a tab separated list in the order: <code>[ Chromosome Number], Start Segment, End Segment, shared length in [[Genealogy_Glossary#centimorgan|centiMorgans]] (cMs), [ SNP ] (optional)</code>. ** ege.g.: <code>3,56950055,64247327,10.9,1404</code> Which means; Chromosome Number: 3, Start Segment: 56950055, End Segment: 64247327, shared length in cMs: 10.9, matching SNPs: 1404</code>
** Valid entries for each are:
===Getting the chromosome data ===
Sites like [ GEDmatch] make this shared chromosome data available. Direct copy from the GEDmatch results page (with header and tab separators) will work. There can be additional Associations between Person A and Person C (et cetera ) as known.
 [ DNApainter] provides a description on of how to get the chromosome data from many of the common sites.
[[File:Addon-DNA-SegmentMap-legend.png|thumb|338px|right|[ {{man label|Legend with rollover tooltip]]
* For each Chromosome : the top portion is the Paternal side and the bottom portion is the Maternal side.
* The chromosome segment side (Paternal or Maternal) is determined from the Most Recent Common Ancestor. If there is no common ancestor, both sides are used.
* Hovering the cursor over a painted chromosome segment will show a tooltip with the name of the associated person, ID, length in cMs (centiMorgans) of the shared segment, and matching SNPs of the segment if provided.
Sample GEDmatch output (see screenshot) that can be cut and paste into the Note. The fields are the same - Chromosome, Start, End, cM, and SNPs. This can be cut/paste from the GEDmatch output directly into the Note for the Association. The header line will be ignored.
=== Example ===
Create an Association of type DNA as described in the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_1#Associations|Association]] page to Person A. Add a Note with the DNA shared segment data. Set the Note private if you do not want the data printed in reports.
Save the Association.
Add more associations as known. Each would be associated to a different person and have a different Note. Since the Associations are drawn in order, it is generally better to have them in order of closest relative to furthest relative to avoid obscuring a distant relative (smaller segment) by a close relative (larger segment). Use the up-arrow and down-arrow to change the order of the Association.
Add the DNA gramplet to the Person view. Select the DNA tab. The segment map will be color coded by associated person. For each Chromosome the top portion is the P (Paternal) side and the M (Maternal) side is the bottom portion. If the chromosome segment side (Paternal or Maternal) is unknown, the segment will cover both the top and bottom portions of the chromosome and be 50% transparent.
Hovering the cursor over a known segment will pop up the name of the associated person and the length (in cMs) of the shared segment.
= Issues =
* If the Chromosome Number is not in the range (1, 2, ..., 22, X) it is ignored.
= See also =
* DNA Segment Map gramplet #469 (GitHub pre-release [ Pull 469])
* [[Addon:SyncAssociation]] - For every Association, if there is not a reciprocal Association then it will be created. That is, where Person John Smith has a DNA Association (with an Association Note) to Person Jane Jones, then if Jane Jones does not have a corresponding DNA Association to John Smith, it will be created which shares the Note.
* [[Add Types to the SyncAssociation Gramplet]]

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