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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 5

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Common Options: GraphViz links
===Common Options===
There are also several [[Output_formats#Graphviz |GraphViz]] specific options related to pagination, color, and details of the graph.
This plugin uses [ the Graphviz]graph visualization software. Graphviz takes the generated [[Output_formats#Graphviz|<code>.gv</code> ]] files and creates the final files, such as <code>.gif</code>, <code>.png</code>, <code>.pdf</code>, <code>.ps</code>, etc.
====Graphviz Layout====
** PostScript/ Helvetica
** True Type/ FreeSans
*{{man label|Font size:}} (<code>14</code> default) The font size, in [ points].
*{{man label|Graph Direction:}} Whether the graph goes from top to bottom or left to right
** '''Vertical (top to bottom)''' (Default)

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