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* Create an Association for one person (Person A) with another Person (Person B) of the type DNA.
* Create a Note in the Association of Type: "Association Note" with the shared DNA segment data.
** The format of the Note is a comma separated list in the order: <code>Chromosome Number, Start Segment, End Segment, Flag for maternal/paternal side, shared length in cMs, SNP (optional)</code>. ** eg: <code>3,56950055,64247327,M,10.9,1404</code> Which means; Chromosome Number: 3, Start Segment: 56950055, End Segment: 64247327, Flag for maternal/paternal side: M (for maternal side), shared length in cMs: 10.9, matching SNPs: 1404</code>
** Valid entries for each are:
;End Segment: The endinging number for the segment location.
;Flag for maternal/paternal sideShared length in cMs: refer to The Genetic Distance otherwise known as the following table:number of centiMorgans in the segment.
{| {| {{prettytable}}!Flag for maternal/paternal side!Description|-|M|Maternal side|-|P|Paternal side|-|U|Unknown side |};SNP: optional field of the matching SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) in the segment.
;Shared length in cMs: The Genetic Distance otherwise known as the number of centimorgans in the segment.
===Getting the chromosome data ===
* For each Chromosome the top portion is the P (Paternal) side and the M (bottom portion is the Maternal) side is the bottom portion.* If the The chromosome segment side (Paternal or Maternal) is U (Unknown side)determined from the Most Recent Common Ancestor. If there is no common ancestor, the segment will cover both the top and bottom portions of the chromosome and be 50% transparentsides are used.* Hovering the cursor over a known painted chromosome segment will show a pop up a tooltip with the name of the associated person and the , ID, length (in cMs (centimorgans)centiMorgans) of the shared segment, and matching SNPs of the segment if provided.
* The color code for each associated person in the DNA segment map is consistent but not user-specified. The first Association will always be the same color.
The first is DNA Association for Robert F. Garner (I1123).
3,56950055,64247327,M,10.9 9,23087926,31116823,M,10.2 9,74923489,107731789,M,40.0375 11,25878681,35508918,M,9.9,396 12,129481599,133491098,M,12.4,304 15,35444614,64710827,M,33.3,1212 1,48053426,68837810,M,24.6,3413 1,72956037,87857969,M,13.4,2035 3,69656569,74563488,M,9.0,974 6,6179882,15400114,M,18.5,1994
The second is for the DNA Association of Maude Garner (I0651).
1,30578594,38686908,M,11.2,334 1,236520701,249210707,M,29.7,685 3,14446545,24339734,M,12.3,458 3,128688499,140766208,M,11.4,447 4,76585823,114118650,M,33.7,1317 4,163973796,190915650,M,49.1,1422 6,4737179,9181572,M,10.3,279 6,39128976,49586285,M,15.8,510 6,150564916,156389148,M,10.2,415 7,18915133,37547290,M,25.8,1038 7,93557588,116296896,M,20.2,821 7,141636563,156148608,M,30.9,787 8,2808265,6919748,M,10.7,436 8,12568161,42652859,M,38.7,1556 8,49039681,71454529,M,20.3,742 8,71990280,99554231,M,21.9,917 9,78958599,122204804,M,55.7,2014 10,5608202,10769007,M,10.4,333 10,19365648,38434090,M,19.6,775 11,26722523,37020611,M,11.8,447 12,66412457,94422155,M,24.4,1035 13,19234747,23899627,M,8.7,270 13,74422984,91183468,M,14.2,506 14,23902753,33048583,M,15.5,392 14,88816167,106020366,M,37.8,947 15,23727655,27246462,M,8.2,229 16,22836249,32137965,M,12.6,413 16,46644903,54620503,M,11.7,360 17,13905,6613192,M,18.9,419 17,25567080,44187492,M,19.7,694 17,44790203,72115774,M,39.7,1223 18,18714991,47726830,M,27.9,1071 18,69454453,77894844,M,23.5,481 19,1993444,11174625,M,28.1,567 19,54545531,59087479,M,12.7,335 20,9879166,26225145,M,24.3,788 20,30221104,43975451,M,13.5,489 21,14670124,18743733,M,10.8,201
=== Example ===
= Issues =
* If the Chromosome Number is not in the range (1, 2, ..., 22, X) it is ignored.
* If there is a Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), that relationship is used instead of the maternal/paternal flag. If the MRCA is thru the maternal side, then M is used independent of what is in the data file. If there are multiple paths to a common ancestor, the closest found is used.
* To create a segment map for Person A, you need to add associations to Person A. There is no reciprocal relationship for Person B - that is, there is no segment map for Person B, only for Person A. You can execute the [[Addon:SyncAssociation]] addon to create any missing reciprocal relationships.
* Color code for each associated person in the map is consistent but not user-specified. The first Association will always be the same color.
* Help link goes to https://gramps-project.org/wiki/index.php?title=Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Gramplets#DNA
* [https://github.com/gramps-project/addons-source/tree/maintenance/gramps51/DNA Source code] - Unlisted Gramplet you need to [[5.1_Addons#Manually_installed_Addons|manually download and install]] ( include_in_listing = False ) https://github.com/gramps-project/addons/raw/master/gramps51/download/DNA.addon.tgz
* If there are overlapping segments within a maternal/paternal view of a chromosome, only the front (last drawn) will be pickable. If it is completely obscured, you will not be able to see the details of the hidden segment.

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