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{{man index|Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Manage Family Trees|Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Probably Alive|5.1}}
This section relates to using Gramps with the '''Comma Separated Values Spreadsheet(CSV)''' format.
person - a reference to be used for families (marriages, and children)
grampsid - to assign a gramps Gramps id to the person
firstname - a person's first name
surname/lastname - a person's last name
gender - male or female (you should use the translation for your language)
note - a note for the person's record
birthdate - date of birth
birthplace - place of birth
birthplaceid - place id of birth
birthsource - source title for birth
baptismdate - date of baptism
baptismplace - place of baptism
baptismplaceid - place id of baptism
baptismsource - source title of baptism
deathdate - date of death
deathplace - place of death
deathsource - source title for death
deathcause - cause of death
burialdate - date of burial
burialplace - place of burial
burialplaceid - place id of burial
burialsource - source title of baptismburial occupationdate - date of occupationoccupationplace - place of occupationoccupationplace_id - place id of occupationoccupationsource - source title of occupationoccupationdescr - description of occupation residencedate - date of residenceresidenceplace - place of residenceresidenceplace_id - place id of residenceresidencesource - source title of residence attributetype - type of attributeattributevalue - value of attributeattributesource - source title of attribute
If you cut and paste that into a file (or use the [[Addon:ImportGramplet|Addon:Import Gramplet]]), you can import it directly.
A date can be any valid Gramps date, including dates formats like "26 JAN 1973" or "26.1.1973".
=== See also ===* [[Addon:ImportGramplet|Addon:Import (text) Gramplet]] 3rd party addon by Doug Blank - an interactive version of the [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Manage_Family_Trees:_CSV_Import_and_Export|CSV Import]]

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