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:: Good one, unless there is a technical reason? Adam to add your signature read the [ following] basically typing four tildes '~' results in a username signature with a timestamp, I suggest you join wikipedia and play around in a sandbox(experimental area) . [[User:Daleathan|Daleathan]] ([[User talk:Daleathan|talk]]) 22:45, 10 June 2020 (UTC)
::: Will do with wikipedia, Thanks --[[User:Adamvazquez|Adamvazquez]] ([[User talk:Adamvazquez|talk]]) 23:44, 10 June 2020 (UTC) ::::I like this idea and agreed, but as it will involve [ ] changing the Gramps program code to point to the new name [ ] updating wiki redirect templates on artciles outside the user manual and [ ] involve a rename when I roll over the user manual if this ends up being done this will have to wait for the next major release eg: Gramps 5.2.x. ::::::::> ''I think we're stuck with the 'Gramps 5.1' prefixes. They are part of the MediaWiki file organization system. But it is also vital for the Search Engine indexing ... so that people get to the right edition for the right software product. Also, having a fully qualified page title makes the Printable (print to PDF) page distinct from outdated copies. ''::::::::Not really; it's not part of the mediawiki file system or even needed for the search engine, an alternative suggestion is that it maybe possible to drop the word "Gramps" altogether because the user manual is already on the Gramps website and simply use the version number as the prefix and the word "user manual" eg: 5.2 User Manual::::::::eg: so pages urls would shorter and look like the following::::: it obvious (to me at the moment) that is for the 5.2 version of Gramps, what do you think? ::::I'll raise a feature request to keep track of this when I get a moment.::::::::Thanks everyone for your contributions to making the documentation easier to get to. --[[User:Sam888|Sam888]] ([[User talk:Sam888|talk]]) 02:18, 15 June 2020 (UTC)

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