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Addon:D3 Ancestral and Descendant Charts

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== Issues ==
* Help buttons URL's on report dialogs do not lead here.
* Does not work with MS-IE 11?[]
* {{bug|9602}}: Descendant Indented Tree doesn't work with Chromium browser
* {{bug|11800}}: D3 Chart update of d3.js and jquery libraries to newer versions
** Uses D3.js version 3.4.5 (and not the [ current release])
** Uses [ jquerry] also outdated
* Does not work with MS-IE 11?[]
If anyone is still facing the problem [with MS-IE 11] here is the solution:
Add this 2 lines to your html file.
<code><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" /></code>
If not IE doesn't understand the property CSSStyleDeclaration in your d3.js file.

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