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Addon:D3 Ancestral and Descendant Charts

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The '''D3 Ancestral/Descendant Chart''' addon consists of 3 Web based report plugins, reports:* {{man label|[[D3_Ancestral/Descendant_Charts#Ancestral_Collapsible_Tree|Ancestral Collapsible Tree]]}}, * {{man label|[[D3_Ancestral/Descendant_Charts#Ancestral_Fan_Chart|Ancestral Fan Chart]]}} and * {{man label|[[D3_Ancestral/Descendant_Charts#Descendant_Indented_Tree|Descendant Indented Tree]]}}.
Each chart used the [ D3.js library] for its layout which are SVG based and provide some really nice interactiveness inter-activeness and animation.
Note the filtering is based off the text based Ancestry and Descendant Reports.
All of the reports generate [http JSON] for ancestry/descendant's and could be easily customized for other usage.
== Usage ==

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