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Plugin Manager Plugin

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Harmonize terminology. Instead of 'View'; for the add-on interface, use 'dialog'; for view plugins, use view mode plugins
[[File:PlugInManager-addon-example-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Plugin Manager Enhanced - showing example Addons listing]]
The {{man label|Plugin Manager Enhanced}} addon provides a single unified view dialog that combines the Registered and Loaded views plugins with all the available 3rd party plugins replacing the [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Plugin_Manager|original plugin manager]]
* Single unified view dialog combining Registered and Loaded views plugins with all the available 3rd party plugin addons.
* Status column indicates status of Addon, Available, Installed, Built-in, Update Available, and hidden (via strike-through). A Failed addon also displays 'Failed' status in red.
* All of Available, Installed, and Built-in plugins can be hidden from the viewdialog list, and if installed, hidden from the normal user interface.
* A "Show hidden items" checkbox allows the user to see addons that have been hidden.
* A "Show built-in items" checkbox allows the user to see built-in addons if desired.
* {{man button|Info}} button provides information on all addon types; includes 'Loaded' and failure type and stack traceback, when applicable.
* In 'debug' mode, the {{man button|Reload}}, {{man button|Load}}, and {{man button|Edit}} buttons appear; load and edit are greyed out when addon is not installed.
* After updates of Views View mode plugins or Gramplets, or uninstalls, the user is reminded to restart Gramps.
* The {{man button|Check for updated addons now}} button will refresh the list of addons from the Gramps repository on the internet, so that updates and new addons will be listed. The usual Edit/Preferences settings for updates will also refresh the list.
* A '''Search''' box is available which will filter the view dialog to only those addons which have a row or filename which include all the search terms.
== Technical details==

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