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{{Third-party plugin}}
[[File:TinyTafel-ReportOptions-defaults-51.png|thumb|450px|right|Tiny Tafel - Report Options tab - defaults]]
The {{man label|Tiny Tafel}} report (ListeEclair) provides a compact way of describing the main surnames found in a family genealogy, which can be read by humans and matched by computers using a Tafel Matching System.
== Usage ==Select {{man menu|Reports > Text Reports > Tiny Tafel (ListeEclair) ...}} to run the report. Use {{man label|Select using filter:}} to choose ''Entire Database'' or a custom filter you have created previously. You can narrow down the geographical locations of the list by using {{man label|Select places individually:}}
== Usage ==From the {{man label|Type of list:}} either use the default ''Tiny Tafel'' or ''cousingenweb''
You can {{man label|[x] Include private data}} by default.
* Announcement Message [ 2012][]
* Github code [ ListeEclair]
==See also==
*[ Tiny Tafel] - Wikipedia
== Issues ==
*Need to swap English to be main translation language
* help button goes to wrong page
* Warning messages <!-- 2020-05-27 08:30:38.138: WARNING: line 143: Value 'ListeType' not found for option 'Type of list'2020-05-27 08:30:38.139: WARNING: line 144: Valid values: [('ListeEclair', 'Tiny Tafel'), ('cousingenweb', 'cousingenweb')] -->

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