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GrampsAIO cx freeze-based

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GrampsAIO-4.2.4+: clarify; link prerequisites to appropriate introductory URLs
An AIO (All-In-One) Gramps bundle for built with [ cxfreeze]. Based on the 5th generation of Gramps which now uses [ Gtk3 ] with [ PyGobject] and [ GObject Introspection] and built with [ cxfreeze]
What is cx_freeze? It is a tool used to convert a multitude of interconnected Python language programs (scripts) into a more independent an executable(application or app). That makes the executable (and its libraries) depends become less on the version sensitive to which versions of Python or the and Python object modules are installedat a system-wide level. Although While the executable cannot be updated as easily as the separate Python programs, the extra stability can make an executable more predictable and easier to support remotely.
Gramps now only [[GEPS_031:_Python_3_support|supports Python3]] as of the [[Previous_releases_of_Gramps|4.2 version]] in 2015. [ Python2 is considered obsolete] and is no longer tested for compatibility.
Release made for [ 32bit version ] of Windows.
Release made for [ 64bit version ] of Windows.

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