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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - FAQ

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===What are the Minimum Specs to run Gramps?===
<!--These storage requirements were written for Gramps 3.0 and are wildly outdated. Disk requirements are outrageous from the uncompressed XML days.The display spec was more recently updated to an odd spec misquote of 1080p of 1920 x 1080 Full High Definition (FHD). It seems quite arbitrarily... the 'at least' being related to no GUI design criteria. Simply a 'more is better' note:1080p was a widescreen spec introduced 2007-->We would recommend at least an 1980x1080 video display. The early memory requirements for Grampswere quite high. Beginning with Gramps 3.0, have been reduced, and Gramps can the software could run quite efficiently on a 256MB system, holding considerably more people. A system with 512MB should be able to hold around 200,000 people. Disk However, disk space requirements for databases are however considerably larger, with a typical database being several megabytes in size. For 120.,000 people you must consider already 530Mb 530MB for the database. Pictures are stored on disk separately, so a large harddisk is necessary. ===How do I upgrade GRAMPS?===<!-- leave as upper case until the FAQ gramplet is fixed for the link-->
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===How do I upgrade Gramps?===
GNU/Linux operating systems will typically deal with upgrade issues for you. If they do not then you need to ask users of your preferred GNU/Linux distribution.
===How do I remove a spouse?===
===How do you add photos to an item?===
===How do you find unused media?===
===How can I publish web sites generated by GRAMPS?===

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