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Website application upgrades

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Upgrade WordPress (blog): upgrade wordpress
Update the MantisBT plugins by downloading the updated version and install them (check the readme and follow any instructions)
* Source control integration plugin framework for MantisBT, including support for Github ( ) 2 part plugin (Get the master branch)[]
** Source control integration (version 2.3.0)
** Source Github integration (version 2.1.0)
** Extension that Gramps wiki uses that come with MediaWiki (do not need to be installed) but are listed in the LocalSettings.php file
*** ParserFunctions - Enhance parser with logical functions
*** TitleBlacklist
** Thirdparty Extensions
*** Confirm User Accounts – Gives bureaucrats the ability to confirm account requests
*** UserMerge - Merges references from one user to another user in the wiki database - will also delete old users following merge. Requires usermerge privileges
*** LabeledSectionTransclusion
*** Variables - Parser functions allowing to work with dynamic variables in an article scoped context
*** Google Analytics Integration
** [ Mediawiki:Skins](Themes)
*** Default is "Vector" as it has been customised for Gramps ( see )
*** MobileFrontEnd
**** "MinervaNeue" mobile Skin (which is the same one used on Wikipedia)
*** <s>Collection - Create pdf books from wiki pages</s> '''Disabled due to server load issues!'''
If there are any database schema changes, you may need to run the "update.php" file that is in the MediaWiki maintenance directory.
* After a two weeks, remove the "wikiold" folder.
Skins (Themes)
* Default is "Vector" as it has been customised for Gramps ( see )
'''Backup the website.'''
[ WordPress] is open source software used to create the blog.
Current installed version 5.48.1 ([ released: 2020] 2021-0409-2909)
* Backup gramps_blog mysql database using phpMyAdmin from the CPanel interface using the SQL format.

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