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Rule expansions

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Rule Ammendments
=Rule Ammendments=
==Gramps 5.1.1 (Sept. 2019)==
* Fix bug {{Bug|0011114}}: resolve creashes crashes in withinarea filter rule:
: Avoid bad coordinates in the ref place
: Avoid alphabetic characters in filter rules
: Could not convert string to float by using withinarea filter rule
: Difference between sidebar filter and filter rule
: Fix Bug {{Bug|0011293}} Fix internationalization issue where untranslated English GUI items appear in Event filter
==Gramps 5.1.0 (Aug. 2019)==
* New feature to allow Filter Rules to be added via addons.
* Filter Rule editor, save pane position
* Filters Fix Bugs [[Bug|0007950}} and {{Bug|0011430}}: Name Filter rule has now supports multiple attribute: Check all values of an attribute type and not only the first one.
* filters rule have children person filter: Check all families of a person for children and not only the first
* Person Sidebarfilter:
: Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using ‘Event’ and Reg expressions
: In personsidebarfilter, search on each part of name Instead of requiring that the entire search string matches a single one of the Person’s names, the function will require that each word in the search string matches any of the Person’s name fields.
* Fix exception when merging with active sidebar filter
==Gramps 5.0.2 (Aug. 2019)==
* Fix bug {{Bug|0010509}}: resolves silent fail - relationship path between filter rule when parent is missing
* Fix crash when using sidebar filter and merging in another view
* Fix Place Tree view when using enclosed by sidebar filter
* Fix Relationship Graph; extra people when using filters & subgraphs
==Gramps 5.0.1 (Dec. 2018)==
* Fix crash when a filter with loop in definition is defined
* Fix view so column widths are preserved when using filters
==Gramps 5.0.0 (Jul. 2018)==
* Fix Custom filter update when created via sidebar.

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