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How you can help

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How users can help other users
; Profiling the application on large datasets, and speed improvements: See [[Gramps Performance]] and [[Tips for large databases]]
; Streamline the import of data & merging of duplicates: if more sources are used and data is imported from those sources, it is sometimes very hard to find duplicate data.
{{man note|Unrivaled Contributing|Gramps is an open source project developed under the [[Howto:_Contribute_to_Gramps|GNU General Public License]] policy. Please protect our project by contributing ethically & and within those guidelines.}}
==But what if I don't know how to program?==
: The more you use Gramps, you will gain more & more knowledge of the reports, how they work, and how they can be made better. Expanding the [[:Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports|Reports]] documentation will make the original learning curve less steep for other and easier for you the next time.
{{man tip|1=Wiki manual|2=Please enhance the {{man label|Wiki}} - particularly the [[User manual ]] section.}}
; Develop screencasts: [ vnc2flv], [ recordmydesktop], [ Cankiri], [ VLC], [ xvidcap], gifsicle or [ SWFTools] programs can be used to create screen movies that could be used to show people how to perform different tasks. [ Imagination] and [ OpenShot] could help us to generate a video with some screenshots addition. Also see the list of screencast tools on [ wikipedia]

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