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What to do for a release

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{{man note|Developer notes for '''What to do for a release '''}}
Note that the main use of this page will be for makinga normal "minor" release. If you are making a "major"release (e.g. x.y.0) then you will need to update thispage first, to change the numbers. But if you are onlymaking an "alpha" or "beta" release, somesteps may be skipped, or altered slightly.
Note also that [[What_to_do_for_a_release#Post-release|Post release]]there are additional things which need to be done,which are related to making a new release, for instancemaking a new release-section here on the wiki, ormaking a new release-section on the bug tracker, ormaking new Debian and Mac and Windows packages, sothey will need to be coordinated with the appropriatepeople.
==Prepare your repository==
* update mantisdb(Bug/issue database) and enable the new version via Admin:Projects item for reporting issues. (You will need a high-enough status on the bug tracker in order to do this, so you can ask an appropriate person if you aren't.)
* announce on [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] (You will need to be a member of all three lists first, to send to them.)
* announce on Gramps [ blog] (File under: [ Gramps Releases] and [ News]) (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* update [[News]] section on this wiki (not needed for an alpha or beta release)
* update the list of [[Previous releases of Gramps|previous releases]]

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