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== Blog entries you might like to read ==
* [http Fun with the names] : this gives an overview of [[Previous_releases_of_Gramps|release names]] from the beginning until Gramps 2.2.1* [http More ado about Windows port] : was windows support a good idea?* [http Winning one back] : Gramps under attack by spammers. Unfortunately, it wasn't for the last time.* [http Looking Back Over 5 Years] : How Gramps came into existence* [http And now for something completely different…] : The problems with an ''"open"'' mailing lists, a sad story... * [http On the brink of 2.0.0 …] : 2.0.0 ... how long ago is that again?* [http An introduction] : Rarara, who is this?* [http Cross-cultural research] : Many people apparently have these problems. We are all related after all, aren't we?* [http A busy week] : the start of the scratch-pad and the IRC list starts to attract people* [http Plans for hosting user data] : the start of the family web pages* [http Grandpap Allingham]* [http First post?] Somehow, Gramps always succeeds in missing the first number..* [http What are Gramplets?] : what are Gramplets?* [http Gramps is not a web browser...yes?] : Gramps is not a web browser
== Who is who on the blog? ==

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