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Website application upgrades

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Upgrade Mantis Bug Tracker (bug tracker): remove mention of phpmailer as not used in newer version of mantisbt
* Rename the new folder from such as "mantisbt-release-2.10.0" to "bugsnew"
* Copy "config_inc.php" from the old folder into the new folder (the "config_inc.php" file is located in the "config" directory.)
* Copy the "phpmailer" folder from the "library" folder from the old "bugs" into the new folder "bugsnew/library"
** Failing to to do this step will result in an unhelpful blank html page! Currently using PhpMailerAutoload v5.2.22 (20170105) check mantisbt readme if this needs to be upgraded. If so download from github ( ).
* Check any readme type files to make sure there are not any database schema changes required - and follow the directions if there are...
** Then check the install by using: "/mantisbt/admin/check/index.php"

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