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Building Gramps AIO cx freeze-based

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It will then ask where you want it installed. You can install it where you want, as it is only a temporary location which you may delete afterward. But make a note of the folder since you will need to know it later. Also, it needs to be a new (empty) folder, not an already existing one.
In this tutorial we'll say you tell the installer to put it into a new "<code>C:\Program Files (x86)\GrampsAIO32-45.21.80</code>" folder.
Then double-click on the AIO executable to start the 45.21.8 0 installation. (If your Windows asks whether you will allow that program to change things on your computer, say yes of course.)
You can put it anywhere you want but if you do, change the string "<code>C:\Program Files (x86)\GrampsAIO32-45.21.80</code>" in this tutorial to the actual name you used. But every time I use "<code>C:\Program Files (x86)\GrampsAIO32-45.21.80</code>" I mean the top of the tree where you installed the "old" AIO.
After the installer is finished, the last window will offer you the opportunity to "Run" the Gramps you just installed, so you should un-click that box before you hit "Finish", since there is no need to run the old one.
cd ~
cp -r "/c/Program Files (x86)/GrampsAIO32-45.21.80/src" aio
=== Modifying the script ===
!define APPNAME "GrampsAIO32"
!define APPVERSION "45.21.80"
!define APPBUILD "1"
{{man note|Experimenting with NSIS compression|See [[Building Gramps AIO#Appendix_B|Appendix B]] for power-user details, at this stage.}}
The result is in <code>C:\msys64\home\user\aio\mingw32\src\GrampsAIO-45.21.91-1_win32.exe</code>.
{{man warn|If you do this more than once, make sure to delete the result file, or it will get encoded into the next AIO. }}
If you are a power user, you might have downloaded or used git to checkout the latest code in the grampsxx branch:
but in any case, if you have downloaded something other than a gramps-release tar.gz (or .zip) file, say this in your top directory <code>~/grampsdev</code> (assuming you have installed Git for Windows):
but if it is an AIO for a maintenance branch, make a Snapshots folder in that branch and put it there, e.g.:
so then the APPBUILD numbers will uniquely define that AIO.
But note that the NSIS-generated filename will say (for instance) "" even though it is really a "45.21.21" with bugs fixed, which is why it belongs in 45.21.21/Snapshots.
Also see [[What to do for a release]]

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