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Collections Clipboard Gramplet

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{{Third-party plugin}}
[[File:ClipboardGramplet-Addon-example-50.png|right|thumb|450px|Collections Clipboard Gramplet - detached - example]]
The {{man label|Collections Clipboard Gramplet}} is similar to the builtin [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Navigation#Using_the_Clipboard|built-in Clipboard ]] except that it provides a way to create collections of objects which are persistent over time.
You can watch an older version of the [ Clipboard Gramplet in action](Created:2010/07/29).
Clicking on the title of the gramplet when in the Dashboard allows you to rename the frame.
== Issues ==
* ??
;Feature request:
* allow control+c to copy items to the clipboard {{bug|???}}
* enable search (add to ScratchPad) {{bug|???}}
* grey out unavailable rows, rather than removing text {{bug|???}}
* help button links to wrong page (non existent section) instead of this page
== See also ==
* [[Gramps_5.0_Wiki_Manual_Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Navigation#Using_the_Clipboard|Using the Clipboard]] - The built in Clipboard whose storage is persistent only within a single Gramps session. Closing the window will not lose the stored records. However, exiting Gramps will.

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