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Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - What's new?

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See [[Database_Formats#Detailed_Changes|detailed changes]] for more details on internal database.
==Primary changes==
* You can now choose to use alternative database backends. BSDDB is still the default, but Sqlite is now available. For power users, PostgreSql and MongoDB are available as experimental third-party addons.
The developers believe that Sqlite may have fewer database corruptions that prevent easy recovery.
* Options for automatic backup periodically and on exit. The Backup on exit is the default.
* Config: new database-backup-use-compression option
* You can now choose to use alternative database backendsNew color schemes allow a light and dark choice. BSDDB is still the default* Additional color indications in graphs for Home person, Unknown Alive, but Sqlite is now available. For power usersFamily, PostgreSql and MongoDB are available as experimental third-party addonsFamily divorced.* Add "within <n> km/miles/degree" filter* Ability to be able to enter comma separated latitude/longitude pairs
* New colour schemes allow a light and dark choiceSidebar resizes better, position is remembered* Person SurName editor is more intuitive to use.* View Buttons order no longer changes with different startup.* Better progress indication for long running operations* Windows remember size/position* add FanChart2Way* Add kmls for the geography places view.
* ability to search alternate place names when selecting place
== Reports, Tools, Gramplets ==
* new genealogy tree report
* Place format editor and option for many reports
* Date format Editor and option for many reports
* option how to report living people for many reports
* ReorderIDs tool has been upgraded; can now work around customized IDs (like GetGov IDs).
* Narrative web has additional options and appearance changes.
** Allows output in different language
** Date output option
** Statistics page
** Add option to Include all / unreferenced Media objects
** relationship to central person on individual pages
* Add thumbnail size option to family lines graph
* Enhance the Descendant Report and Detailed Descendant Report
* Complete Individual Report add options
** enable to include or exclude Person and Family Notes
** add option to include or exclude census data
** option to include relationship to center person
** options to include GrampsID, Tags, Attributes
* Include all place types in place report
* Relationship, Family Lines, Hourglass Graphs options how lines are drawn
* Gedcom supports more non-standard 'tags' and additional standard tags
* GEDCOM 5.5.1 Support Custom Event on export
* XML export new compression option
= Under the hood changes =
== Localization ==
* Update translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fr, fi, hu, is, it, lt, nb, nl, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru, sk, sl, uk, vi
== Roadmap ==

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