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Developer policies

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Coding policies
== Coding policies ==
=== Licence ===
Gramps is a GPLv2 licensed application with the possibility to use a later version of the GPL (GPLv3). There are no plans at the moment to move to GPLv3 and drop GPLv2. See [[Project License]] for details.
=== Coding style ===
* Accept the guidance from existing developers. If you do not agree with them, you need to convince them. To do that, first consider coding what is asked for and pointing out the weakness afterward, i.e. let the code speak for you.
* Take up a feature request after assuring yourself (e.g. via the ''gramps-devel'' mailing list) the feature will probably be accepted by the developers. Let your code be reviewed.
* Once you come to the conclusion your code needs little change before commit, ask the technical architect (Nick) to send you an invitation to join the GitHub ''Developers'' team. If you did have not have had contact with the technical architect yet, ask one of the other developers to vouch for you.
* Even after you obtained commit rights, consider a review of your code by other developers by submitting a pull request or using the bug tracker (send reminder) or the ''gramps-devel'' mailing list.

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