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Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - What's new?

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GUI: remove whats new information from gramps 4.2 release in preparation to update page
* Review on GtkBuilder, fix some Gtk3 warnings and move from deprecated methods
* Change icons and buttons handling methods
* [[Gramps_5.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_editing_data:_detailed_-_part_2#Place_Editor_dialog|Enhanced Place Editor]]
[[Image:Place_editor_42.png|New place Editor with Place name edition]]
* New widget: ''[[Gramps_5.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Navigation#Finding_records|interactive searchbox]]''. Use our own interactive-search box to get it.
[[Image:Interactive_search.png|New interactive search box]]
# more efficient (binary search on sorted columns).
# customizable (delayed by 150ms launch of search to avoid text scrambling)
* Ability to [[Gramps_5.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Adding_places_from_KML_files|import KML]] data into Geography views
* Enhancement for removing multiple selected items from Views (action group)
[[Image:Action_group_dialog.png|Question dialog for grouped actions]]
* Allow to drag a person by dragging the Family label or around Add, Edit, Share buttons.
Add drag support on more Views, Selectors and Editors.
* Add right-click "Copy all" to all [[Gramps_5.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Reports_-_part_8|QuickTables]].
All data from the TreeView, including non-viewed columns.
* Add right-click API to ListModel

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