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Gramps 4.2 Wiki Manual - Categories

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Fan Chart View: Flow of grammar - Attempted to fix numbering, hope it's okay.
You can rotate the view by click and drag outside the fan chart. You can move the view by click and drag inside the inner (white) region.
#The view can be a circle, a halfcircle or a quadrant of a circle. The last latter are always attached to the bottom or side of the view#Children of the center person are shown with a nice children within the ring at the center#Drag and drop people to the center to change the active person#Color options:## Colors of the boxes based on the age of the people:## Colors of the boxes depending on the time period the person lived in:## White, classic, gender based, and user defined colors
# Filtering: use the person filter in the sidebar to quickly obtain insight in the people shown. For example: which people have birth events, who has the attribute ''blue eyes'', ... . Filtered results have bold font, the ones that don’t satisfy the filter are shown transparent
#Show up to 11 generations in the view.#Print the view from the toolbar. The view as you see it (after rotating, expanding, changing color) can via the print button be printed or saved as svg (to edit further in Inkscape and view in eg Firefox), pdf or ps.#The font used can be selected and becomes automatically smaller adjust to fit within the boxes. On a dark colordarker background, the font is white, otherwise blackand vice versa.
To understand all, [ watch the screencast]

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