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What to do for a release

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which are related to making a new release, for instance
making a new release-section here on the wiki, or
making a new release-section on the bug tracker, ormaking new Debian and Mac and Windows packages, so
they will need to be coordinated with the appropriate
people. Probably there should be a section of this
page which lists things like that("Post-release" maybe?).
==Prepare your repository==
python3 -p # makes a new gramps.pot template file
git diff gramps.pot
:Examine the changes. If they're all just comments about where a string is found you need not commit the change(so the next line will restore the official file, instead of the one you just made):
git checkout gramps.pot
:If there have been changes on <code>msgid</code> entries, you'll need to commit <code>gramps.pot</code> and ask translators to update their <tt>.po</tt> files before you can make a release:
==Release name==
Refer to (and update) the [[Previous releases of Gramps|list of previous releases]] . Previously you needed to select an appropriate namebut we have not named releases for several years now. You willstill need to add the release though, including things like itsrelevant color.
==Changelog and NEWS file==
[ Section ''2a''] of the '''G'''eneral '''P'''ublic '''L'''icense says that if you distribute a modified version of a program: ''you must cause the modified files to carry prominent notices stating that you changed the files and the date of any change''.
Note that the <code>{{version}}</code> below means the ''previous'' version, not the one you're about to release(which is the<code>..</code>).
git log v{{version}}.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges | git2cl > ChangeLog
git log v{{version}}.. --pretty --numstat --summary --no-merges -- po/*.po | git2cl > po/ChangeLog
git add ChangeLog
*Edit and update the <code>NEWS</code> file using the new ChangeLog entries as a guide.. If this is the first branch in a new series there will be no NEWS file, so look at a previous release and mimic the format.
Commit the NEWS file:
git add NEWS
git commit -m "Update NEWS for {{version}} release"
==Working on VERSION==
* If everything looks good, push the changes:
git push origin maintenance/gramps42gramps{{Stable_branch}}
* If that fails then someone pushed a commit while you were working. Return to [ Prepare your repository] and start over.

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