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Gramps 4.2 Wiki Manual - Categories

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You can control how much information is displayed by using the {{man menu|View -> Configure...}} menu or click on the toolbar {{man button|Configure the active view...}} button. Next to each person listed is an {{man button|[[Image:Gramps-notes.png|13px]]Edit}} button, which will allow you to edit all the details of that particular person.
The following options are available:
*On the {{man label|Layout}} tab
** {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Use shading}} (checkbox checked by default)
** {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Display edit buttons}} (checkbox checked by default)- show or hide the {{man button|[[Image:Gramps-notes.png|13px]]Edit}} button shown next to each person.
** {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|View links as website links}} (checkbox unchecked by default)

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