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Recording UK Census data

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NOTE: This tutorial is currently being updated for gramps version 3. I am half way through so don't be surprised if it keeps changing at the moment - rjt. This guide explains how to use gramps to record all of the information that a 1881 UK Census return contains about a household on one census return. It demonstrates how to enter Repositories, Sources, People and Families. How to link them together to ensure that every piece of information is attributed back to its source. It also explains how to use the Clipboard and "drag and drop" to speed up data entry.
For genealogists with UK ancestors, the UK Census returns are a very important source of information. Census' have been conducted every 10 years in the UK since 1841 (details of all the UK Census dates and how to access the records can be found at []). The census returns are available online at [] for a subscription.

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